© 2010-2011 Hightower Systems Frequently Asked Questions Q: Are motion graphic messages for the digital screens included with the Q system? A: Yes, a set of custom digital sign messages is included to get you started. Q: Does our IT department need to get involved? A: No, the Q System is completely self contained. Q: Can we have customized enclosures for the digital screens? A: Absolutely. Q: Will we receive training on how to use the Q System? A: Yes, on site or offsite training is available. Q: Is installation included with the Q System? A: Yes... Q: Does the Q System support languages other than English? A: Yes, the Q System supports UNICODE, so it will handle character sets for any language. Q: Does the Q System support customized transaction types and custom display messages? A: Yes, our creative team can develop any type of custom transaction or display message you     would like and bring it to life on the cage screens. Q: Can our casino team supply the cabling, wiring and monitors for the Q System? A: Yes, you can supply your own hardware (excluding the Q System, of course) for the installation. Q: What size monitor works best for the cage windows? A: We suggest using 26" to 32” LCD displays.